In an earlier post we let you all know about Squiggle Racer, the impossibly hard but fun racing game that was available on Android and iOS. At the time, the game wasn't available through BlackBerry World but instead the Android version had to be installed through Snap or sideloaded onto your device.

Seeing how many folks were actually trying the game out that way, the developer behind it all decided to go ahead and release it onto BlackBerry World as soon as possible and as such, the game has now gone live. If you never caught the original post, the objective of Squiggle Racer is fairly simple. Guide the race car around the track using the left and right on-screen tabs. Sounds simple right? Ya, not so much when you actually start play it. 

With old school 8 Bit graphics and a selection of tracks to unlock, Squiggle Racer is an ideal game for when you have a few minutes to kill. If you're willing to give it a go, you can grab it now from BlackBerry World for only $0.99 and it's listed as being compatible with all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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