Adventure or arcade games are always a blast to play but give me a challenging strategy word game and I'll be hooked for hours. Not only is this a unique puzzle game with what seems like an endless amount of levels but it helps to expand your knowledge and vocabulary at the same time.

SpyWords employs three modes of play. There is Enigma, where you must decipher words hidden from you, Riddle mode, which is my favorite, where you guess the word based on clues, and Multi where you search for several words at a time. In addition, players can select amongst various levels of difficulty from easy, medium, and hard which increases the numbers of letters in the words.

The interface itself keeps you focused on the task at hand. There are up to seven slots filled with letters, depending on word length, and it is only a matter of sliding them into the right combination to form the solution.


  • Unique game word finding mechanics
  • Unique vintage spy & espionage theme, graphics & sound
  • Word and riddle system based on quality WordNet 3.0 dictionary
  • Over 30 000 puzzles ranging from very easy to really really challenging
  • Unlockable bonus levels
  • Optional letter hint system to speed up your progress if stuck
  • NO premium currency
  • Everything can be earned and unlocked without a $ spent

As someone who always enjoys an engaging and fun puzzle game, this one certainly fits the bill. It is challenging, but not always so difficult you are unable to decipher the solution, yet still appeals to all types of players. You cannot help but become addicted as it is the type of game that once you start, you don't want to put down.

There are hints and bonuses available to unlock without the need for an in-app purchase. With literally thousands of puzzles at your fingertips in this free Built for BlackBerry game, it is a great way to pass to the time. Spy Words supports all BlackBerry 10 handsets and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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