Sprint, come join us. Please.

Sprint's taking the fight straight to T-Mobile and is offering customers of the Un-carrier a guaranteed minimum trade-in credit of $200 for their current working T-Mobile smartphone. That's in addition to the current contract buy-out offer (though T-Mobile ditched traditional contracts nearly two years ago) or up to $350 in credit to pay for their new Sprint phone.

The offer's good through April 9, and as with the $350 switcher credit, can be combined per line. Though it's worth noting that any high-end smartphone in good condition, even one from the last two years, will likely fetch more than $200 in trade-in. Though if you've got a bargain basement smartphone on your T-Mobile line and have been thinking about a switch to Sprint (check Sprint's coverage map to see if they're good for you), this might be a deal worth considering. Considering their last quarter, Sprint would certainly like you to think about it.

Source: Sprint

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