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Sprint TEP BlackBerry Sprint TEP BlackBerry

Ever set your phone down in your house somewhere only to find that someone (of course it wasn't you) misplaced it? Or left it in that rest stop along the highway? For those of us on Sprint whom are currently enrolled in the Total Equipment Protection plan, you may want to hop on over to sprint.com/protection and check out the new free app they announced on Monday.

This app allows the user to track a misplaced phone with directions on how to get to its' location as well as sound an alarm to locate your device when it's been lost in the sofa cushion (even when the device is on vibrate or silent). You can even remotely lock your device or erase all your contacts (your info is synced wirelessly & can be restored later or transferred to a new device) all from your computer. For more information and download head to the link below.

More information/download of Sprint TEP app for BlackBerry