Weeks after T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T fired up their early upgrade programs for smartphones it looks like Sprint is getting into the game as well, however late they may be. According to CNET Sprint is gearing up to launch "Sprint One Up" on September 20th, an early-upgrade program that will allow users to pay for devices in monthly installments with trade-in upgrades coming after one year.

The plan works much the same way as Jump, NEXT and Edge from the other three major carriers in that you can buy a new device on an installment plan and then, if you choose, trade in the device after one year for a new device. One Up will be available with the Unlimited, My Way or All-In plans on Sprint and offers a $15 discount on plans. 

The offer is available to new customers as well as current, though current users will have to trade in their working devices unless they are already eligible for an upgrade. The offer won't apply to Sprint prepaid users.