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*UPDATE* - We've now independently confirmed it as well.

We saw your story on BlackBerry 10 today. We wanted to let you know that Sprint plans to bring BlackBerry 10 to our customers later this year. We will share more details soon.

With time ticking down until the BlackBerry 10 launch event, more and more carriers are coming out and letting the world know if they will be carrying the new devices. Plenty of carriers in Canada are on board as well as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in the US. We don't have official launch dates or info for any carrier, but we do know who has pledged to carry BlackBerry 10 at launch. It was unclear as to if Sprint would be coming along for the BlackBerry 10 ride, but things look to be cleared up on that front now as well.

In an interview with FierceWireless, Sprint's director of device product marketing Trevor Van Norman said that Sprint will be listed as a partner at the January 30th launch event however gave no details as to when Sprint will actually have the devices available. So Sprint customers rejoice - you won't be left off the BlackBerry 10 bus. We're sure to find out all about carriers and release dates on January 30th.