BlackBerry 10 on Sprint

Folks have been making a lot of noise about Sprint getting the BlackBerry Q10, but not the Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 still isn't headed to Sprint, but some other mysterious all-touch BlackBerry will be coming their way in the second half of the year according to an anonymous source. 

There aren't any device details beyond that, unfortunately. The only real possibility that we've heard of so far is the Aristo, but it was looking like that was going to be for GSM carriers, not CDMA. Besides, it's still a long ways out before any of this talk materializes into anything substantial - who knows how many other BlackBerry devices we may catch glimpses of before next Christmas.  

Sprint customers, what would you like to see from their first all-touch BlackBerry 10 device? Anyone taking bets that it's the Aristo, or will we see something else altogether?