Sprint Releases 4.5 For 8130 and 8330 Devices!

While many Sprint users out there are probably saying "Finally!" as it has definitely been a long time coming, but that day is here for all those that have held out for official Sprint releases. That's right, in case some of you were still unaware of the release, Sprint has posted the official version of 4.5 OS for the 8130 and 8330 devices available for download. Sadly, and it seems like this always is the case, the 8830 was left out of this upgrade bonanza (more reason to upgrade to the 9030 when it hits!). Another bonus to come with the upgrade aside from all the normal 4.5 updates is the inclusion of MMS which Sprint seems to have finally enabled, although some users are still reporting getting red x's when sending (indicating a sending failure) so be sure to push your service books after the update.

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