Curve 8350i Updated!

For those of you out there with an 8350i who may have missed the information from Nextel, we can finally say there has been an update released by RIM and Nextel which once again, claims to fix alot of the existing issues with the device's operation.

Such fixes are said to include:

  • Echo Issue (Thought they fixed this last time?)
  • MMS Improvements: Remove original message when replying; Cursor now defaults to message body when replying
  • Quiet and vibrate profiles will now not have incoming Direct Connect calls blaring over your speakerphone
  • Master Radio Reset will no longer cause the device to reboot

Feel free to let us know in the cooments if any of the said fixed issues actually were corrected and don't forget to visit the 8350i forums for a lot more information and discussion.

[ BerryReview ]