Sprint's new International Connect: Call & Text $15 add-on plan lets Framily Plan subscribers use their voice and text allotments to call and text internationally at no additional charge. Except for that $15, that is. With it, Sprint Framily Plan subscribers can count international calls to 65 countries against the voice minutes they're already paying for, and texts to more than 180 countries (which is just about all of the countries there are).

There's a lot of minutiae to International Connect: Call & Text, though, so we'll break it down for you. Counted against a Framily Plan allotment are:

  • Calls to landline numbers in 65 countries
  • Calls to mobile numbers in 35 countries
  • "Low" per-minute calls to mobile numbers rates in the 30 landline countries not included in the mobile
  • "Low" per-minute calls to numbers not included in any of those 65 countries
  • Unlimited texts to "over 180 countries"

Sprint's been suffering substantial losses in both customers and earnings, though they noted that as of last quarter nearly 3 million had signed up for the Framily Plan (which Sprint has been advertising heavily).

Reduced international calling rates are better than nothing, but it still does little to fix the mess that is international calling and usage.

Source: Sprint