When I was at CES 2009 in Vegas the other week I finally had a chance to get my hands on the new BlackBerry Curve 8350i from Sprint/Nextel. It's a cool device. When you see the pictures you think it's pretty much an identical form factor to the other Curve 83xx's, but in reality it's a bit chunkier/thicker. I wouldn't call that a bad thing though - it gives the 8350i a sort of "get work done" feeling which I think is what they're after here (the yellow John Deere/Cat-like accents bolster this impression).

Since this isn't a device that me or any of our crack team writers are going to pick up for themselves personally (nor do I see any in-depth reviews yet in our community reviews forum yet), I figured it wouldn't hurt to point to a solid review of the 8350i by a non-CrackBerry source. Be sure to watch phoneArena's video review above and click on over for their full written review

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