Sprint was scoffed at by many on the news that they would be skipping the BlackBerry Z10 completely in favor of the new BlackBerry Q10. However with the Q10 set to land on US soil in just a few weeks (hopefully) Sprint has announced that they will be on hand at BlackBerry Live in Orlando next week to show off the new device. 

While they haven't made an official announcement as to the actual release of the Q10, they did post some news for next week.

Join Sprint at BlackBerry Live, May 14-16 in Orlando. You'll get the latest on BlackBerry 10 and can take new BlackBerry devices for a spin. Stop by the Sprint booth and discover the power of BlackBerry devices paired with Truly UnlimitedSM data.

Sprint plans to offer Blackberry 10 smartphones, including innovative features like a best-in-class browser, a rich application ecosystem and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities.

So it does look like Sprint will have a decent amount of exposure during BlackBerry Live and we can hope to hear more on their Q10 release next week. The fact that they say Sprint devices leaves us wondering if there is more to this.

Fingers crossed that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will chip in some good news as well.