Happy Halloween!!! October 31st is here, and in addition to all the trick of treating that will be taking place today it also means that the BlackBerry Style from Sprint is now on sale! We called around to a few Sprint stores yesterday and it looks like most have it in stock and ready to buy TODAY. If you're getting one, drop us a comment and be sure to let us know how it goes and what your first impressions are.

You can check out my video first impressions and overview video of the Style above. My full review will be coming this week. I've actually been rocking the Style all weekend in Las Vegas (been getting a few weird glances though - maybe I should have grabbed the Steel Grey one instead of Royal Purple) but all in all have been really liking the phone. BlackBerry 6 is snappy on it, the camera has been taking good photos and the battery has been getting me through the day ok. If you're a flip phone fan the Style is a no brainer -- especially at Sprint's attractive $99/2year contract pricing -- and I could even see some non-flip phone fans getting won over by it too. It's a nice little addition to the BlackBerry lineup. 

If you're looking for more info on the Style, check out the press release here and head to your local Sprint store!

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