After catching a less-than-official glimpse of the Sprint-branded BlackBerry Q10, we've caught wind of a proper pre-registration page. It doesn't mention device pricing, though Sprint's touting their unlimited $80 and $110 plans. Rumor has it that we'll see this thing on store shelves on August 30, and with a proper landing page available, that date is seeming more likely. 

It's taken eons for Sprint to offer a BlackBerry 10 device, and it's hard to say why, exactly. They passed on the Z10, though other U.S. carriers happily snatched up both. Sprint customers, have you been itching to upgrade? Has avaiability of the Z10 and Q10 elsewhere tempted you to switch? 

Those interested in getting updates about Sprint's Q10 availability can hit up their landing page, which also includes a tour of the big device features.

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