While Android Oreo is still rolling out KEYone across several regions, it seems as though not all variants will end up getting it. According to Sprint, as posted in their community forums, their variant of the BlackBerry KEYone will not be getting an Android Oreo update.

Unfortunately, the information about the update stops there. The Sprint representative never went on to state the reasoning behind the decision, just noting that the decision was made at some point. That, of course, makes me wonder if it's just the Sprint variant that will be left out of the loop or if it means all CDMA variants will not get Oreo.

Remember, the CDMA Verizon compatible variant exists as well and if the decision was made to skip Oreo on all CDMA variants, that means it won't get the update either. It doesn't make sense for only Sprint to skip it, so chances are all CDMA variants will not get Oreo. We've reached out to BlackBerry Mobile for additional clarification on whether it's only Sprint or all CDMA KEYone devices.

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