Sprint Curve 8330 Final Release Date

For the sake of all CrackBerrys who have been glued to the Sprint 8330 Curve Coming Soon thread, I HOPE this is true. A new ad surfaced in the CrackBerry forums yesterday (thanks The Beer!) yesterday that shows the 8330 Curve will be available for shipping on May 9th!

The ad we saw last weekend nailed the 2-year contract price at $179.99. In this ad we see the off-contract price listed at $599.99. Pricey, but a bit less than what previous rumors were suggesting. My fingers are crossed for all you Sprint users. Maybe in 12 hours we'll see the Coming Soon thread come to a close with the first CrackBerry member to get their hands on this beauty starting up a I Have a Sprint 8330 Curve! thread. For up to the minute info, Keep it locked HERE.