Sprint adding $10/month fee to all smartphones

If you're a Sprint user who is looking to upgrade or start a new line of service with a smartphone then Sprint has some bad news for ya. Previously something that was initially only charged on Sprints HTC EVO 4G Android device and then later all 4G devices on Sprint, a $10/mnth data charge is now being placed onto all smartphone activations. When it first started being charged many felt it was a "4G tax" as the only devices that it was being charged to ran on Sprints 4G network. Sprint advised this was not the case and stated it was a charge implemented for network upgrades and such. In their press release today, they backed those statements up by making it applicable to all smartphone devices as defined by Sprint:

"devices with robust operating systems bringing the full function of mobile applications and programs to life including Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, and the Instinct family of devices"

Keep that in mind if you're currently a Sprint customer and are close to upgrading or adding a new line. Also makes me wonder what, when released the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook will fall under?

Source: Android Central