If you've hopped into the CrackBerry forums today, you may have noticed there is some time being spent on getting a newer BlackBerry 10.2 build up and running, to be exact. As we previously noted, it has some goodies in it such as a new native Evernote app, some updated applications but in addition to that, it's also showing off some new notifications as well as the previously confirmed WiFi direct

Actionable notifications has been one of my gripes with the OS for a while now so, seeing a new way of interacting with notifications is in the works pleases me immensely. You can jump below to see some screenshot of the OS and hopefully, we'll see a completely working build of it get pieced together over the next little while.

Actionable Notifications / Toasts:

Here, you can see the actionable notifications or toasts. As messages are received, you can simply pull down on the notification and respond however you do so choose. The notifications can be turned off / on and can be viewed on the lock screen of your device as well, providing you with options as to how you wish to see them.

Wi-Fi Direct:

This feature was noted to be coming at BlackBerry Live and it's finally now making it's presence felt. If you're not familiar with Wi-Fi Direct, it helps devices with the appropriate hardware to connect directly to each other via Wi-Fi without an intermediate access point.

In smartphones and tablets, it can be used to print, share, synch and display content from those devices to any other Wi-Fi direct capable hardware. For example, the upcoming Xbox One has Wi-Fi direct, so you could play content from your device directly to the Xbox One.

Video Walkthrough:

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Needles to say, you'll want to check out the thread in the CrackBerry forums where there is plenty more screenshots to look at and plenty of other things spotted are being shared. Anything on your 'want' list appearing?

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