Spot the Differences

On the finale of NBC's the Office, Pam averted a crisis when she handed acting manager Creed two pictures and said he needed to find the differences between them for home office. Of course those were fake but it brought back memories of being a kid and playing all sorts of puzzles and brain teasers. Now you can relive your youth and take it with you on your BlackBerry PlayBook with Spot the Differences by Daniel Mark Wright.

Spot the Differences is a great way to both entertain and educate children (and adults) of all ages. Game play is just what it says. You are given two images side by side and asked to find the differences between them: one being the original, the other an altered version with items added or deleted. Your task is to find all five of these alterations. If you do, tap on the screen at the exact spot and a red box appears outlining each one. From the bottom you can track how many there are, current score, time left, and hints remaining. Better hurry though as the timer goes down faster with each wrong answer or tap.

The game comes with three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. They vary in terms of how fast the timer counts down for that round. Images are the same for all three levels and in the same order (not jumbled). My only wish is that it didn't send me back to the beginning when I lose. Although that hasn't deterred me as I still haven't gotten through all of them yet. I do have to point out that the images are absolutely stunning on the PlayBook and make for some really challenging rounds.

I must admit this is not always as simple as it looks and is frustrating when all available hints are exhausted. I probably spend more time staring at the images than is really necessary. Spot the Differences not only gives you hours of fun but improves your powers of observation and concentration at the same time. Best part is it's absolutely free! So head on over to BlackBerry App World and get your copy today.

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