SplitCosts Beta - A New App To Help Making Splitting Costs Easy

I love simple applications that make my life easier. Even more so, I love simple apps that make life easier and look good doing so. Splitcosts fits right in that category nicely. The application which was essentially developed using simple code UI offered by Research In Motion that shows how easy it is to make something simple, look great and functional.

As the name implies, Splitcosts offers an easy solution to splitting up bills and debt between any number of people. At a business meeting and need help figuring out the splitting of the bill? Split costs can figure out your part of the bill in just a few quick seconds. At this time, 20 different currencies are supported, address book integration (non touch devices) is in place and you can even take pics of receipts and email them off for accounting purposes. Splitcosts is currently free as it's still in beta. If you download it and find any bugs, be kind and pass them along to the developer using the "send feedback" button in the menu. Be sure to leave some comments on what you think of the app as well folks.

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