The BlackBerry is a phenomenal device when it comes to managing your contacts and emails. But thanks to 3rd party software, it is capable of so much more than just the built-in functionality. SplashData’s SplashWallet is a great example. This newly released software application bundle for BlackBerry devices includes SplashPhoto, SplashID and SplashShopper. Together, these applications are designed to store the information typically present in a pocketbook, such as credit card numbers, shopping lists, photos of your family, or anything else you might cram into your old leather wallet.

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SplashWallet includes SplashPhoto, SplashID and SplashShopper

The 3rd application in the package is SplashShopper for shopping list management. This might sound like a simple app but it is indeed a sophisticated piece of software. SplashShopper can track more than just your grocery list. It comes with many examples you can start with and modify. Examples include Groceries, Movies, Books, Clothes, Gifts, Travel Checklist, etc…

SplashShopper allows you to fully customize the way you display the information. It is nicely organized around categories, but the detailed fields vary depending on the type of list. For instance, in the grocery list you will find the “items” you need to purchase along with the “store” and “price”. For movies, you can find “director” and “actors”. You can also provide more information for each item such as description, aisle where you usually find the product, coupon info and more. You can even create quicklists of items you regularly need.

You might think this can be a bit overwhelming, but you will rapidly find the app easy to use and great as a shopping reminder and as an easy way of tracking expenses. Just like SplashID and SplashPhoto, SplashShopper comes with its desktop companion making it much easier to type and update your list. Overall, this is a very well designed application.

SplashWallet helps you keep track of your purchases

SplashWallet works with most BlackBerry devices and costs $59.95. That might sound a little pricey, but don’t forget, it is actually 3 applications. And as an alternative, you can buy each program separately for $29.95.

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