spin my vmail If you are like me, you occasionally want to see who left you a voice mail and what that person wanted. If you have ever wondered what would it be like if you could turn your voicemails into text then wonder no more. The Spin-my-Vmail application actually converts your voicemails into text messages and sends them to your mobile phone or e-mail inbox.

SpinVox the makers of Spin-my-Vmail have just announced BlackBerry support for their program. Now, there is no need to dial in to pick up your voicemail - just read your messages on-screen. The voicemail is dropped into your inbox as an e-mail or SMS, which is pretty convenient. It is also a great way to get voice mail when you can't actually use the phone like the movie theatre for example.

Unique to the BlackBerry version, the software syncs the caller’s name with your contacts to allow one click replies via e-mail or phone. RIM execs had a chance to trial the software and were so impressed with what they saw, the trial then became a product. SpinVox is offering a demo version, hit the link here .