If you are anything like me you probably add way too many smiley faces to your conversations as it is, but sometimes they are just so appropriate for the conversation. Luckily BBM gives us quite a few emoticons to choose from, but not always the one you are looking for, so meet Jingu Smileys, a free BlackBerry application that brings some more emoticons to your device.

The application works rather simply, while in a BBM convo press your menu key and you can access Jingu Smileys, then simply copy the smiley you want, and paste it into the conversation, no headaches required. You can access your frequently used emoticons easily without having to scroll through the tons that are available, or if you are looking for something new you can take a moment to check them all out to ensure you grab the most fitting one. With the ever so lovely price tag of $0.00, or free, what is holding you back from checking it out today?

More information / download of Jingu Smileys