Oh the mighty call log- keeper of call history and call times. You have been there time and again when I needed access to numbers, but didn’t want to dial or access my address book. You help house any notes I may need to make on each call. As much as I love you, I do have a couple of bones to pick with you; you take up memory on my BlackBerry and you are a pain with regards to coming up with a report on my calls. Oh how can I stay mad at you?

Luckily, there’s an application by the name of PhoneCallNotes available to answer the call…so to speak. As it runs in the background, the application maintains a record of all calls (missed or otherwise) and keeps them on your memory card. Everything that your call log can handle, PhoneCallNotes can handle as well – this includes call duration, phone number and even notes. This record is in CSV file format, which can be easily sent via email to billing and reporting. You can decide which types of calls are logged and whether or not you want to record notes or not.


  • You can view first 128 calls in PhoneCallNotes or email the entire csv file.
  • PhoneCallNotes works silently in the background and is only visible when you ask to enter a callnote after each call.
  • PhoneCallNotes requires a SD card. Even when you do an OS upgrade your call log will always be available on the SD card.
  • Use PhoneCallNotes to manage your client billing, projects, monthly minute tracking and more.

Isn’t that much easier than having to sort through your call log and manually capture the information. It also beats having to wait for your wireless bill to report your calls. PhoneCallNotes is available from the CrackBerry Store – it’s currently on sale for $1.99 (from $2.99).

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