Whenever my family traveled by car, one of us usually had our smartphone mounted for taking phone calls via the Bluetooth speaker or for listening to music during the ride. Another reason was that we would run a Speedometer application to check how fast we were going. Not that we didn't already have access to the one in the dash, but it was easier to view the more engaging and informative one on our device.

Speedometer by Value Apps has been around for some time and worked well on legacy devices as a useful tool to view your current speed whether by car, train, bus or bike. As a former user on my Bold 9900, I'm glad to report a version compatible for BlackBerry 10 owners is now available to download.  

The capabilities users have come to expect remain the same. This includes the option of viewing speeds in miles per hour (MPH) or kilometers per hour (KPH), changing to landscape mode, or switching between digital and analog displays. 

The application is rather simplistic but all of the information you need is right there on the large dial in the center of the screen. There is a settings option in the lower right where you can toggle between the digital and analog views, enable the alarm, and reset your top speed. 

While the updated version for BlackBerry 10 is an Android Port, I have tested while using my car and public transit and it performs well. While there is always a margin for error, it was never too far off from the built-in dials. You can grab it for $.99 and it also supports the BlackBerry PlayBook and most legacy devices.

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