SpeedNotes BlackBerry SpeedNotes BlackBerry

While the native MemoPad app on BlackBerry is good to a certain extent, some users look for a bit more functionality. SpeedNotes adds some great features to the mix making is a great MemoPad alternative. SpeedNotes has a very small footprint which brings fast load times for quick note taking on the go. After you get your quick note in, you can simply hit the Back button to exit the app and don't even have to save your note. SpeedNotes auto-saves and even backs up your notes so it's always worry-free. Want to share or save a note? You can save to your SD card as well as send to MemoPad, calendar, tasks, email, SMS or PIN. Overall SpeedNotes is a pretty sweet app if you're a big note taker on your BlackBerry, but it does ring in a bit high at $2.99.

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