On most mobile platforms testing your data connection speed is a piece of cake as the popular app speedtest.net is available. We're not that lucky (yet) on BlackBerry 10 - unless you are happy to side load it. So I was rather pleased to see a native BlackBerry 10 alternative pop up in BlackBerry World recently in the form of Speed Tester. 

The application works for both your mobile connection and Wi-Fi and will provide you with the your download speed in Mb/s - which is something I tend to check on a regular basis. As well as just showing you your own results you can also view rankings from other users around the world and BBM is also integrated - allowing you to share your speeds with your buddies. 

Within the settings tab you can change the maximum Mb/s that your provider allows - which will alter the colored bar on the testing screen. You'll also see the name of your provider when performing a speed test - whether that be a mobile one or home broadband. 

The native application does what it says on the tin and the user interface is pretty sweet - set on a black background. And best of all the app is free to download for all BlackBerry 10 devices. If you are a Q10/Q5 user the app does look a bit odd as it was clearly designed for all touch devices, but it works perfectly and that's the main thing.

*Update* - As if by magic the app has already been updated, bringing improved support for the Q10 & Q5. Nice work Mr Dev. 

Being a new app it's performance accuracy is still questionable in my mind but that's just me. Give it a shot and sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 

More information/Download Speed Tester for BlackBerry 10