Speed Test Your BlackBerry Storms Internet Connection!

Now we all know of Wireless carriers claims for their networks, wether it be the claim to be the "fastest 3G network" out there or heck even now they been using "the largest 3G network" in the world. Ever want to know just how fast it really is though? I know I have for sure. And just like I test my home internet connection, BlackBerry Storm and iPhone users can now test their WiFi and Cellular networks with a new application from Cisco called GIST (Global Internet Speed Test). The test works by placing your speed into classifications of "grades" and then helps you judge how good of speeds you are actually getting, as well as allowing you to share the information with others.

  • Web 2.0 Grade: surf the web and collaborate, you’re on a solid wave (150 – 449 kbps)
  • Music Grade: download/listen to your favorite tunes, you’ve got the bandwidth (450 – 749 kbps)
  • Video Grade: get your popcorn—it’s showtime, you’re in the fast lane (750+ kbps)

The application looks great on the device and provides a lot of great information for those of you out there that are gadget junkies that just need to know how fast your internet is actually moving. I know when I get my Storm this will be one of the first apps I download. Seemingly though, there is no OTA for this one it needs to be installed via Desktop Manager. Hit the link below , check it out and be sure to post your speeds in the CrackBerry forums.

[ via BerryReview ]