If you phone a lot of people on a regular basis then Speed Dial for all BlackBerry 10 devices will be the perfect application for you - just to save a few seconds. It works in two ways and which you choose to use is up to you.

First up you can launch the app and have up to 128 contacts with a photo in a grid fashion taking away the need to search your contacts or even open the phone app.

Secondly, and the one that I prefer is you can also add these contacts to your home screen. If you need to call that person just tap their photo and a box will pop up confirming if you want to telephone them.

The app won't be for everyone, including myself as I don't make many phone calls these days, (BBM does that for me!) but that's just me and I'm fairly certain that Speed Dial will come in jolly handy for many of you out there. For less than a buck this one's a beauty.

Full features of the app include:

  • Create up to 128 speed dials in the application with custom pictures
  • Create unlimited number of Home Screen short cuts with custom pictures
  • Manually add speed dials or do a lookup in the Contacts application
  • Use any PNG or JPG picture for the speed dial
  • One touch dial with Home Screen short cut (note: with BlackBerry 10 you will be prompted before dialing. This is not Speed Dial limitation)
  • Easy to use and there is no setup
  • Compatible with BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

More information/Download Speed Dial for BlackBerry 10