Calling All CrackBerry Podcast listeners...

* Update: Now Recorded - Listen to Episode 030 Here >> *

When it comes to the CrackBerry Podcast, I have two resolutions for 2009: have more guests join Craig and I on the show and make sure we have no shortage of community emails and calls. Easily long as we plan in advance!

To the first goal, we're recording our next episode this Sunday at 6pm EST and will be joined by two very special guests. Al Sacco and Nan Palmero are returning to the CrackBerry Podcast mics (they were part of the Crack Team on location in Vegas for our CES 2009 podcast). When A.S. isn't writing for his Mobile Workhorse blog at he occassionally drops an article here at CrackBerry - we'll definitely be talking about his recent Nine Tweaks We'd Like to See in the BlackBerry OS for 2009 article! And Nan is BBCool's resident Power User... we'll see how his BB wits stack up to our own resident expert, Craig Johnston.

As for making sure we have lots of emails and calls to go through, that's up to you! Have a topic you want us to cover on the show? Got a comment? A rave? Something to Rant about?! Send it to us!! Depending on volume we may not be able to cover everything, but we'll give it our best err.. crack!

That's it. The stage is set for a hellafun episode! Look for it to go live late Sunday/early Monday. Have a great weekend y'all!