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We take a break this week from the new-and-improved format of the App Roundup... To go with a Special Edition BlackBerry Storm Roundup! We did this a few weeks back for the Curve 8900 and it went over well (att: Curve 83xx, 8800 and Pearl owners - I've got a Special Edition for you coming up soon!). I've been noticing more and more new titles pop up for the Storm over the past few weeks, I figure it's fair game to spend some time on the Storm this week. This week I've chosen to cover mostly games and 'fun' apps... So here we go... Covered this week are the following apps:

New BlackBerry Storm Apps: Storm Taser, World Rocker! Storm Theme, Flight Path, My Secret Diary

Featured BlackBerry Storm Apps: Hunting for BlackBerry, Parking Lot, Solitaire Buddy Gold, Aces Texas Hold'em, Nintaii, SpaceTravel

Cool BlackBerry Storm App: acceloDex

New BlackBerry Storm Apps:

Storm TaserStorm Taser

Storm Taser is a FREE app that lets you 'pretend' you've turned your BlackBerry Storm into a Taser device. Don't worry though, no one is going to get hurt here. The app features an 'electric'-like animation in your choice of blue or yellow. The LED light will blink a bright, bright blue, and your Storm will also vibrate when you activate the 'Taser'. To activate, simply press on your screen... That's all there really is to this one. It's free, so if you think you could make use of this you might as well give it a download.

Get Storm Taser for FREE at >

World Rocker! ThemeWorld Rocker! Storm Theme

The World Rocker! Theme is the latest theme to arrive for the BlackBerry Storm at ShopCrackBerry. The theme saves you a ton of space by featuring 2 hidden docks that slide out from the left and right. Hidden icons include your messages, SMS/MMS, Clock, Calendar, StormStat, Manage Connections and GoogleMaps apps. If you're looking for a clean and simple theme to organize your Storm, you might want to give this one a try.

Pick up the World Rocker! Theme for your Storm for $6.99 at >

Flight PathFlight Path

A new game to hit our shop this week is Flight Path... and yes, it's a freebie! The object of the game is to fly your plane through the center of the rings that come out at you (kind of reminds me of the old 'Pilotwings' game for the SNES... anyone remember that?). The more rings you fly through the more points you'll get. Also, the closer to the center of the ring you get, the more points you'll get for that ring. As you progress through the game the rings get smaller and smaller... and smaller. This one is kind of cool, because controls involve you holding the Storm like a steering wheel, utilizing the built-in accelerometer as your steering device.

Get Flight Path for FREE at >

My Secret DiaryMy Secret Diary

Need a place to store password-protected notes and entries? My Secret Diary is now available for the Storm, and allows you to store up to 25,000 diary entries in a very safe and secure location. The app is very easy to use, entries are a snap to manage, and you can sort your notes by date of entry. Very useful for keeping confidential information secure, or simply if you don't want anyone accidentally rummaging through your notes.

Try My Secret Diary for $7.99 at >

Featured BlackBerry Storm Apps:

Hunting! for BlackBerryHunting for BlackBerry

It's time to do some huntin' son! Take hold of your Storm and go bird hunting. Yeehaw! The first time I noticed this fun little game I was immediately reminded of the classic 'Duck Hunt' app for the NES. While it's not quite the same (unfortunately there's no 'zapper') it still is lots of fun. The game uses the Storm's built-in accelerometer for aiming. Move your Storm around to get your target in the crosshairs... and then pull the trigger to make your shot! Happy hunting!

Get Hunting on the BlackBerry Storm for $2.99 at >

Parking LotParking Lot

Get ready for a puzzler here... Parking Lot is a cool little strategy/puzzle game from Tafasa. With over 400 levels organized into 10 different 'packs', the object of the game is to get your white sports car out of the parking lot by sliding all of the other cars out of the way. You can move cars up/down or left/right depending on the way they are parked. If you get frustrated or stumped by a level, you can restart at any time by shaking your device. You'll return to the start of the level to try again! Each level is timed, and the game also keeps track of how many moves you make... So, how fast can you win each level? And how few moves can you make while doing it!?

Pick up Parking Lot for $2.99 at >

Solitaire BuddySolitaire Buddy Gold

Solitaire Buddy Gold is overflowing with Solitaire goodness... and now it's available on the Storm. There's features galore in this one, and will be worth the money if you're addicted to Solitaire. No matter which variation you love to play, chances are this app packs it... Play Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Golf, Pyramid Golf, 3-Peaks, Black Widow, Beetle, Spiderette, Will o Wisp, Poker, Canfield and Pyramid. That's 13 Solitaire games... Load it up and enjoy.

Try Solitaire Buddy Gold for $9.95 at >

Aces Texas Hold'emAces Texas Hold'em

If you like a good game of Hold'em, you're going to enjoy Aces Texas Hold'em for the BlackBerry Storm. The game apparently has one of the best AI's around for a poker sim, featuring human-like opponents that change strategy and try to bust you. In Aces Texas Hold'em you can play up to 22 opponents at the same time, set the game at different play speeds (handy), and much more.  There are tons of options to try and fiddle with in this one, so if you're a die-hard or even just a casual poker player, this one is worth a look for sure.

Get Aces Texas Hold'em from for $9.99 >


I've talked about Nintaii before, and I'll touch on it here again... I keep coming back to this one, but only because it's so good! The object of Nintaii is to roll your block through each level and deposit it in the hole at the end of the level. Along the way, you can hit switches, road blocks and more to maneuver your way towards the end goal. There are 100 unique levels of gameplay, and each level even has a 'fly over' so that you can preview the level before you take it on. Very cool. One of my favorites here... Give it a try!

Try Nintaii for $9.99 at >


Take control of your own UFO and fly around outer space... all the while trying to avoid crashing into planets, moons and satellites. The groovy part about this game are the controls. It's completely built around your Storm's accelerometer controls. Grab a hold of your storm and steer/maneuver your craft by manipulating the position of your Storm. Tilt, turn and move your Storm around to make your way through each level. High scores are submitted to an online leaderboard... Can you crack the top 5 scores?

Pick up SpaceTravel for $2.99 at >

Cool BlackBerry Storm App:


Simply had to add this one in. It's not a game, but anyone rockin' a Storm should find this one very handy. Wish you could swipe through your contact list with the flick of a finger? Now you can! Thanks to acceloDex, you can setup your Storm to use swipe scrolling in portrait mode. The scrolling speed is set by the swipe distance travelled by your finger. The app also uses the accelerometer to scroll while in landscape mode. The speed of this scroll is controlled by the steepness of the tilt. There are many more features built into this one, so go ahead and check it out if you're intrigued :)

Pick it up for $4.99 at >

Thanks Frank!

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