Our BlackBerry hating friend J_Caloy is back with another video, only this time he isn't hating on BlackBerry — he's putting it up to a test of might against other devices. With three challenges already in the books for alarm clock, picture sharing and multi-tasking (check them out in the gallery above) he's moved onto a battle of speakers to see which device has the best overall sound.

When it comes to mobile devices, both the iPhone 5s and Note 3 sound good, but the BlackBerry Z30 is rocking with some great speakers and BlackBerry Natural Sound. J_Caloy notes that he didn't have the ability to use an HTC One in the challenge, but it's still a pretty good comparison. You can check out the video and judge for yourself as to which was the overall winner. Hit up the comments and let us know your pick, then head to the forums for more!

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