Here's a blast from the past. Who remembers SPB TV from legacy BlackBerry devices? Bla1ze took a look at this one on video back in 2009 and this week I was pleased to see it arrive in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 handsets. It may be the Android version, but it works so that'll do me.

If you've not heard of the service before it's a nice, simple one to explain. SPB TV gives you access to a wide selection of public TV stations which you can watch for free on your mobile. Streaming costs may apply if you don't have a large data package, so I'd recommend using Wi-Fi where possible.

As you'll see in the video, the app runs reasonably smoothly. It's not perfect as it's not native BlackBerry 10, but it's better than nothing and for those times when you are bored and fancy streaming some TV shows that maybe you wouldn't normally watch, it serves its purpose.

There are some awesome gesture based controls built in which I was really impressed with. These involve controlling the brightness by swiping up on the left side of the display and over on the right is the volume. Clever stuff and frankly it would be nice to see this implemented into some BlackBerry 10 applications.

SPB TV Features:

  • A wide selection of public TV channels

  • Intuitive and friendly UI

  • Quick channel preview

  • Integrated TV guide

  • Fast channels launch and switching

  • Picture-in-picture mode

  • Video-on-demand

  • Onscreen controls

  • Adaptive Network Bandwidth support

  • High Quality streams

  • Channel Store with Categories

  • Search by keyword

I've tried out SPB TV on both my Z30 and Passport and both ran ok. So I'm pretty confident that you Q series users will also be able to run this one but I'm guessing so please let us know in the comments?

More information/Download SPB TV for BlackBerry 10