When the BlackBerry Z10 was launched, we released Spark Me to the masses and now that the BlackBerry Q10 has finally arrived, it's time to update Spark Me for it as well. If you're not familiar with Spark Me, it's a free app built by CrackBerry and it allows you to place the popular BlackBerry "Spark" notification icon or CrackBerry logo onto any image you choose from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. You can also take a new photo directly within Spark Me and apply the Spark or CrackBerry badge to it.

Additionally, there is also an assortment of frames to choose from so you can give your photo some extra love and share it with the world. The images make great avatars on social sites like twitter, and at 500x500 pixels are an ideal size for using as your profile image on CrackBerry.com!

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