New into BlackBerry App World this week is a free, simplistic, yet kind of fun little game called Space Worm for the BlackBerry PlayBook. You control Space Worm and you must travel around the screen using gestures collecting the tasty fruits. But things are not quite that simple as there are bad guys who appear in the form of skulls. You want to avoid hitting them as after a few strikes it will be game over.

If you do die and its clear that you will at some point you can enter your name and upload your score. From the home screen you can select the tab to view the highest scores and that really is the whole game.

The main reason I decided to feature Space Worm is because the developer has made a great job of the game. Sure, it is not the most in depth adventure you will play on your PlayBook but the smoothness in which the worm glides across the screen impressed me. The colours are bright and pretty, and overall I think this is one of those perfect games for just killing a few minutes, whether commuting to work or just chilling out. Either way it is worth a download and gets the thumbs up from me. 

More information/Download Space Worm for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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