Less than a year has passed since the initial release of SpaceTV Plus and the developer has been painstakingly working on new features and improvements. The results is the newly renamed SpaceTV which represents a complete graphical overhaul of the entire interface including the pages from top to bottom. For those who love gazing at the stars and want the latest NASA news and video, this is one update you don't want to pass up.

From the minute the startup screen appears to the redone help and about screen, every color, element, image, and format has been modified in one form or another. Even the homescreen icon has a facelift. It's an entirely new application rather than a mere update as the code has been entirely rewritten.

All of the developers hard work paid off with the new and improved UI which gives off a more polished and professional look especially on the main screen. Gone are the cartoon icons and circular layout. In its place, content is arranged uniformly on the screen in an active frame style with content previews.


  • Stunning design
  • Built for BlackBerry certified
  • Available for the Z10, Q10, Q5, and Z30
  • Launchpad with section content preview (active panels)
  • Live NASA TV
  • Live video from the International Space Station
  • The best space related news from the best news sources available
  • Raw images from the Mars Science Laboratory / Curiosity Rover
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • Audio and Video Podcast streaming of the best space related podcasts

Diving into the individual pages themselves we see the changes and refreshes are evident here as well. In the news section, all articles are color coded for easy reading and are not too overpowering as well as providing additional sources. The astronomy picture of the day offers improved functionality meaning that not only can you share or set the image as wallpaper but you can view videos as well. This is to line up with NASA publishing video in place of images on certain days.

In addition, the curiosity images section offers more educational content so users can learn about the images themselves and the instruments used in taking them. Finally, the live view section not only automatically chooses the best video quality based on your available bandwidth but lets you select between NASA's TV Public stream and the International Space Station.

Now that all of these changes have been implemented, it's only fitting we take another tour of that brilliant new interface. Be sure to watch the video above to see it in action. 

Whether you are an enthusiast or just a casual observer, it offers great features, informative content, and is your complete one-stop shop for all your astronomy news and images for $0.99.

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