Space Jumper (logic) for BlackBerry 10, or as it is called in the game 'Sky Jumper' is a puzzle style game quite unlike one I've played before. It's pretty basic but most certainly a challenge and best of all it is free - which we all like.

You control a robot and the aim of the game is to jump onto each of the small platforms, therefore, removing it from the game. Once all platforms have been jumped on the level is complete.

As you would imagine - starting the game is pretty easy and you will notice that the platforms have a tiny number 1 next to them. As you progress through the levels the number of platforms increase, but so do the number of times you need to hit each one. You will see in the video - by the time I reached level eight there were platforms with a number 2 next to them. You only get a certain number of allocated jumps on each level which are shown at the top right of the display. Failing to complete within this number will make you fail the level.

Controlling your robot is done using six arrows - three either side of the display. I'm not convinced this is the most user friendly way of doing things and it does take some getting used to, so I'm hoping for another option in a future update.

For a free download this one is well worth having a go. Luckily it's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices which is a bonus. Let us have your thoughts in the comments.

Download Space Jumper (Logic) for BlackBerry 10