Space collector is a fun packed 3D game where the object is just to collect as many coins as possible - but clearly it isn't quite that easy. The game is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices so everyone can enjoy. 

There are three levels of difficulty within the game - although you will need to unlock them to gain access. These are: 

  • The Baby: (Easy) Easy like a baby's life, all you need to do is to collect the required coins , drop them in the collector in a given time. Isn't that easy?  
  • The Courageous: (Medium) You will feel like an olympic runner, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles in a short time. How good are you?  
  • The Annoyed: (Hard) Beware of the mighty drone.You need to avoid the obstacles, collect the money in a short time and avoid the drone.Do you feel annoyed?

In each level you will be up against the clock so the pressure is on. You need to move your character around the level collecting the coins within the allowed time and then get back to the collecting machine where you'll dump your coins and the next wave will begin. 

Control wise things are a just as you would expect. You have a virtual joy pad on the left of the screen and over on the right is your jump button. You'll need to use the jump tab to get onto various platforms as the coins are not all located on the floor - this is where things get tricky. 

The graphics with Space Collector are glorious and the bright colors combined with the 3D aspect really do the game justice. You can pick it up for £1.50/$1.99. 

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