Space Ball Evolution

You'll need steady hands for this one but if you're up for the challenge then this free version of Space Ball Evolution for BlackBerry 10 may well have you addicted. If you head on over to BlackBerry World I'm afraid to say that the description is slightly over the top. The game is far more simple than the descriptions that the developer has used but of course he is trying to sell the concept to you.

To cut a long story short, you use your BlackBerry tilt controls to guide the ball around the tricky 3D course. You'll want to stay away from the edges or you'll end up plummeting to your doom and with only three lives in each game you'll need to get in some serious practicing before you can class yourself as an expert.

In addition to the obvious there will be further challenges along the way which include elevators, swings and mazes for you to overcome.

For a free download it's well worth checking out. It's far from easy (at first), but practise makes perfect and the graphics are pretty sweet. I fired this one up on my BlackBerry Z30 so if you try another device please feel free to sound off in the comments if all is well?

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