SoundScape by ReFocus Tech aims to improve your focus and boost your productivity through sound

I hate working in silence. I always need some music playing, the TV on or just some ambient noise, in general. It helps me concentrate and focus better. A new app called SoundScape, released by the folks at ReFocus Tech, seeks to help those of you out there who might be like me and need that background noise happening as well.

SoundScape dubs itself as 'a background noise generator that helps you create the perfect environment for relaxing or working' by offering the ability to mix different sounds, and save these mixes to be played later. As expected from ReFocus Tech, it's a beautiful native app. Have a look at the features list.

SoundScape features:

  • Choose from over 18 sounds to play and add to a mix
  • One tap mute/unmute - Save your mix to play anytime in the future
  • Set a timer for the current mix
  • User Interface and Experience designed to calm your environment

In the short time I've used it, I can see myself using this app on a regular basis, especially the mix feature as it offers music, nature sounds, work and even a sleep setting (I won't use that one) along with a few others. It's clearly not going to be an app for everyone as some folks prefer to work in silence but if you find that ambient noise helps you work better, this just might be the app for you. It's available now for $1.99 on BlackBerry and compatible with all BlackBerry 10 smartphones with the exception of the Porsche Design models.

Learn more / Purchase SoundScape from BlackBerry World

SoundScape by ReFocus TechSoundScape by ReFocus TechSoundScape by ReFocus Tech