Sounds for BBM

One of my favorite BlackBerry 10 BBM integrated applications - Sounds for BBM - has been updated with plenty of good new stuff. If you missed our original video post when the application was launched it is essentially a collection of sounds that you can share with your BBM buddies. The app is free to download and this will give you access to a range of categories, but you will find some locked which can be bought via an in-app purchase. 

I've liked this one from day one just for comedy purposes. It may be my childish sense of humor but I enjoy sending random sound bites to a few of my closest BBM friends. The Tarzan one is pretty funny! Within the new free folder are a selection of sound bites from people. Believe it or not there is even one from me in there which shocked me a bit but I'm up for a giggle. 

New features in the update include:

  • Preview mode now enabled. You can now see and listen before buying sound track. 
  • New free folder containing 65 sounds. 
  • More contributions
  • Kids-Safe mode (disables send, save and access to inappropriate sounds)
  • More to come really soon. 

Why not go and grab the free version and gave some fun? 

More information/Download Sounds for BBM for BlackBerry 10