Although great, native BlackBerry 10 apps are getting harder to come by these days there are still several developers out there releasing some awesome tools for BlackBerry 10. Among them is Burning Platform, which has recently released Sound Scheme for BlackBerry 10. Like sound schemes in Windows or MacOS, Sound Scheme for BlackBerry 10 allows you to customize almost all OS events with a sound notification.

With Sound Scheme for BlackBerry 10, you can always be alerted of events happening on your device, be it the battery finishes charging, when data services get enabled, when your device auto-locks or unlocks in your pocket, when you go out of your mobile network's coverage and the phone loses signal, when you enter or exit roaming, when the battery is low or empty and more. There are over 40 events currently covered by Sound Scheme for BlackBerry 10.

Supported events include:

  • Operating System Loaded / App started
  • Mobile Radio Enabled
  • Mobile Radio Disabled
  • Mobile Network Connected
  • Mobile Network Disconnected
  • Mobile Data Enabled
  • Mobile Data Disabled
  • Roaming Entered
  • Roaming Exited
  • WiFi Radio Enabled
  • WiFi Radio Disabled
  • WiFi Network Connected
  • WiFi Network Disconnected
  • Bluetooth Radio Enabled
  • Bluetooth Radio Disabled
  • Bluetooth Connected
  • Bluetooth Disconnected
  • NFC Radio Enabled
  • NFC Radio Disabled
  • Device Holstered (requires holsters with magnetic sensor)
  • Device Unholstered
  • Device Placed Face Down (requires "Flip To Save Power" interaction to be enabled in phone's Settings)
  • Device Picked Up from Face Down
  • Battery Charging Started
  • Battery Charging Stopped
  • Battery Full
  • Battery Low (with configurable level, repeated at every 1% drop)
  • Battery Empty
  • Battery Saving Mode Enabled
  • Battery Saving Mode Disabled
  • Internal Storage Memory Low Space (with configurable threshold and warning interval)
  • Memory Card Low Space (with configurable threshold)
  • Device Password-Locked
  • Device Password-Unlocked
  • Device Screen-Locked
  • Device Screen-Unlocked
  • Device PIN-Blocked
  • Device PIN-Unblocked
  • Active Profile Changed

The app itself is small and doesn't take up much space on your device plus, it's headless and will run in the background, so you won't have to worry about starting it up each time. The sound files are already included for each event, but you can also change them to anything you see fit as well through the settings. Right now, Sound Schemes is available from BlackBerry World for only $2.99. Be sure to check it out if you've been looking for an app like this!

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