As it's the weekend I decided that normal rules don't apply so here's some light hearted fun in the form of Sound Board for BlackBerry 10. Before you think to yourself "What is CrackBerry doing - just another fart app" I'll assure you that this one is not only great, but native BlackBerry 10 and with only one fart!

I've been rocking Sound Board on my BlackBerry for a couple of months now and clearly it isn't an app that I use daily, but if your sense of humor is anything like mine then you'll make yourself smile, if nobody else! Anyway, Sound Board is free to download so you have nothing to lose. 

The app contains five categories, each with 15 different sounds and the reason I like this one is firstly that the sounds are really realistic - and secondly, the user interface is so nice, with colored circular tabs for each sound. 

There isn't a huge amount more to say. Just give it a go and enjoy, for your own benefit if you're not prepared to sound off in public!

Download Sound Board for BlackBerry 10