Soulja Boy and CrackBerry

Less than a day after Soulja Boy got his hands on a BlackBerry Z10, he's wasted no time in finding best damn app in BlackBerry World. He just posted a new photo of his white Z10 to Instagram, and our CrackBerry 10 app is right where it should be... on his first page of apps.

It's also looking like Soulja Boy is making good use of CrackBerry's Android App Sideloading guides... with Instagram and Flipboard making their appearances. 

BlackBerry has always been popular among the rich and famous, and I'm getting that feeling we're going to see a resurgence as the Z10 hits the USA in the weeks ahead.

And since it's Friday evening as I'm posting this (while having a few drinks), I'm going to take this opportunity to say... Hey Big Name App Companies that are not on BlackBerry 10 yet... GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR AND GET ON IT! BlackBerry 10 has momentum. It's time to jump on board. NAO!