Soonr File Solutions

A new application has hit BlackBerry App World that I'm rather excited to see. Soonr has gotten plenty of great reviews for its services offered on the iPhone and now it has made its way to BlackBerry as well. While the application is web based, that does not take away from the usefulness of Soonr if having your important documents at hand when you need them is of vital importance to you. Between the web applcation on your BlackBerry and the required PC/Mac application you should find Soonr a valueable tool. Let's get to the details:

The Soonr service Protects critical business documents with real-time backup and keeps users Productive by giving them on demand access to these documents from anywhere.
  • Protected - If your PC or Mac crashes or is stolen, Soonr’s active backup technology ensures that your critical files are backed up offsite and ready for you to restore to another computer.
  • Productive - View, collaborate, and respond to documents and presentations that reside on any Windows PC or Mac; directly from your BlackBerry smart phone. Whether they are documents you created or those being used by a group of people collaborating on a project, Soonr and your BlackBerry will keep you connected and productive anywhere you are.
  • Send – Files can be attached and sent from the cloud using your browser like a remote control.
    Print – allows you to print to any remote printer directly from your handset.
    Fax – leverages your eFax account to send faxes to any fax machine.

Soonr basic accounts are available for free while premium services are reasonably priced starting at just $7.95 and going onward from there. As an individual user you should find that the free account will do you fine, but as a business owner you'll likely want to look at the premium services.Soonr also handles over 42 document types so you should never be left with the inability to read/view your important documents.

  • Check Out Soonr Via BlackBerry App World For More Information And Downloads >>

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