While many smartwatch makers aren't directly supporting BlackBerry 10, we've seen some third-party apps for devices like the Pebble that make sure BB10 users aren't left behind. They may not have the flair of native apps but they still get the job done so users don't have to give up their BlackBerry just to use a smartwatch.

Forums member Eir took things one step further and got the Sony Smartwatch 2 connected to a BlackBerry Z10 thanks to the latest OS leak, the updated Android runtime and a few tweaks. Everything works without a hitch for the most part, though as Eir notes in the forums, some items aren't fully functioning. 

It's very cool to see this combo at work together as I'm sure there are many users who have been holding off on a Sony Smartwatch, unsure if it is BB10 compatible. As you can see in the video it works great --  I've been seeing more and more people get their smartwatches doing some pretty cool things and this is just another +1 for BlackBerry users.

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