Tiggit Controller BlackBerry 10

If you're a Sonos user making the move to BlackBerry 10, you won't have to worry about controlling your system from your new device. The folks at Tiggit have let us know that they are hard at work on their Tiggit Controller app for BlackBerry 10. With the app, Sonos users can control their system from a BlackBerry 10 device and have access to streaming services, media controls and much more.

Kevin is a new Sonos owner and has become a huge fan of the system (I know because he hasn't stopped talking about it for two weeks). He also motivated me to make my own low budget system using my BlackBerry PlayBook and a few BlackBerry Music Gateways in my house. Maybe when BlackBerry 10 comes out I'll convince him to buy me a Sonos setup so I can try this out for myself :-)