Have you checked out Song of Swords for BlackBerry 10 yet?

I am not a big gamer on my BlackBerry smartphone however there are a handful of games I do play. They range from puzzle games to platform games to a couple of action games. If you're looking for an RPG to add to your game collection, give Song of Swords a look.

Song of Swords is an RPG created exclusively for the BlackBerry 10 platform, as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook. The game takes a bit of getting used to but once you learn the the ropes, it's pretty fun to play. It's all about swipe gestures and taps to control your character(s) and that's the beauty of it. Each character has there own unique power to use during battle, even one that can heal all in one go, but you must use these powers wisely. In the game you are tasked to fight to save your realm. There are 24 levels to get through. With each victory you collect armor which you can then equip yourself with. You also collect more heroes to join your army too, as well as coins, which you can use to purchase more things. The more I play it, the more it grows on me. I actually like playing it on my PlayBook.

Song of Swords features

  • Languages: English, French and Bahasa
  • ​Easily command your heroes via simple touch commands
  • Use your super powers wisely - launch comets on your enemies, stun them with poison clouds, unleash the mighty Thor lightning and turn them to dust... And much more
  • Over 50 unique items to collect and equip across a 20+ level campaign, with epic boss battles!
  • Incredibly sharp animation and art designed specifically for cutting edge BlackBerry devices!

Song of Swords is free to download and available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook. Go have fun slaying the bad guys and save your realm.

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