Luca 1

Yes, you did read the title of this post correctly. There are still people who ready and willing to work for Research In Motion. Well, Luca Filigheddu does at least. The Italian entrepreneur who co-developed the social media web application Twimbow has successfully joined up with RIM as a BlackBerry Developer Evangelist.

Many will ask why he would want to join RIM in their current state, but for Luca, it would appear the decision was straight forward.

"There are a couple of reasons behind this choice, first and foremost the great challenges RIM has been facing in the past months and the incredible effort they are putting to change the skin of the company completely before the launch of their new smartphone based on BlackBerry 10 OS.

For this reason, I am very proud to have been chosen for this important role. RIM is creating an outstanding Developer Relations team around the world, headed by VP Alec Saunders, dedicated to help developers bring their great apps to the new upcoming operating system.

BlackBerry 10 is gonna be an incredible revolution for the smartphone market, a truly open platform, capable of running Android apps natively and also the platform that is easiest in terms of porting any application to. Moreover, it's the only mobile OS truly multi-tasking, open to possibilities that could have been never imagined before, with outstanding performances.Once again we are seeing that there are people (apart from us here at CrackBerry) with faith in RIM. This is hugely encouraging in a time when most articles we are seeing on other sites are detailing the downwards spiral for RIM.

As Kevin said earlier today: It is time to buckle up and buckle down. I'm holding tight, just like Luca -- I am here for the ride.

Source: The Next Web