Obama Rocking the BlackBerry 8700

Pictured Above... Senator Barack Obama, BlackBerry 8700 on hip, in his Chicago hotel room on November 4th as he waits to find out if people will soon be referring to him as President Elect Obama. We all know how that turned out!

But SERIOUSLY. Now that Barack Obama is going to be the President of the United States of America, I think it's MANDATORY that he should upgrade to the BlackBerry Bold immediately. The economy, the war, healthcare, international relationships... the list of issues to tackle may be huge, but the real 1st order of business for President Elect Obama is to upgrade his BlackBerry! With that snappy 624mHz processor, 480 by 320 high resolution display, OS 4.6, 3G, and GPS and WiFi, compared to the 8700 the Bold is going to let Obama tackle that to do list so much faster. And besides, he got elected on the same day the Bold was released by AT&T. This is a no brainer!

And if using the 8700 is a conservative spending issue, then somebody in the know let ME know... I'll send Obama my personal BlackBerry Bold. Consider it good diplomatic relations between CrackBerry Nation and the US of A! :-)